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Local Businesses

Business owners know there is a lot to consider beyond day-to-day operations but may never have the time. We can work with you to streamline or outsource your bookkeeping so you can get back to running your business. Together, we can interpret and learn from your past financial results to make good decisions for the future.

We’ll work with you to prepare annual financial statements, file corporate income taxes and GST, and design a shareholder compensation strategy that fits with your long-term financial goals.


New to freelancing? You have questions about deductible expenses, GST registration, and how do you keep track of everything. We can help you get comfortable with running your own business!

Been freelancing for a while? We can file your taxes and provide ongoing advice as your business grows and changes over time. Considering incorporation? We can talk about that too.


Entrepreneurs are passionate. You have the idea, the business plan, and the drive to make it work! Often, entrepreneurs are off and running without taking time to set up their corporate structure from the start. With business partners and collaborators, it’s important to define the relationship and legal responsibility.

In collaboration with your lawyer, an accountant can provide advice to structure your business from a tax perspective. We can help you get set up right from the start, or to restructure down the road if needed.


Not sure what you can deduct or what to do when your art practice starts generating income? We specialize in creative based businesses and how to determine your eligible expenses, report grant income, and claim credits for donated works.

If you are an artist, actor, musician, sculptor, or any other type of creative you may not like spending time on taxes or bookkeeping. Don’t worry, we can help you so you can have more time for your practice.

Moving Around

If you have recently relocated to or from Canada, we can help you sort what is required from the government on both sides of the border. In the year of the move, you may have additional exit or entry requirements. Get in touch before you move so that we can help you plan into your new tax obligations.

Additionally, a Canadian non-resident may have Canadian tax obligations such as withholding tax on rental income, sale of a property in Canada, or excess withholding taxes that can be recovered.