We're a full service boutique business and tax advising firm. That means we're little but we do a lot.


Canadian Individual Tax

When it comes to your personal taxes, you don't just need help filing one (or more) year of returns. You need advice and information to help you plan for the future. We can get you there. In March or April, we can get your taxes filed, and the rest of the year we’re here to answer your questions and help you proactively prepare for next year!

Our services include:

  • Personal income tax filings
  • Self-employed income taxes
  • GST and PST filings
  • Sale of property and capital gains
  • Investment income analysis
  • Foreign tax credits
  • CRA correspondence and audit support

Canadian Corporate Tax

Your company has a number of obligations when it comes to income, sales, and payroll taxes. Additionally, long-term tax efficiency in your business comes from aligning your shareholder compensation strategy with your financial goals. Lets set you up to meet your filing obligations, and plan for your future!

Our services include:

  • Corporate income tax filings
  • GST and PST filings
  • Shareholder compensation strategy
  • Payroll calculation and T4 preparation
  • Business dissolution support
  • CRA correspondence and audit support

Bookkeeping and Accounting

You may not have the resources to employ a full-time VP of Finance but you still need support in executive decision making, business performance evaluation, and financing choices. We can help through development of key financial measures including budgeting, cash-flow forecasting, and other analytical tools. Our services are scalable as your business grows!

Our services include:

  • Monthly or quarterly bookkeeping
  • GST and PST filings
  • Payroll calculation and T4 preparation
  • Analytics and cash flow budgeting
  • Projections and financing due diligence
  • Business plan development
  • Internal control reviews

Tax Planning and Structuring

Advice from a tax professional can help you proactively manage your tax burden and plan for your long-term financial health. Additionally, your circumstances may change over time, we can work with you to structure or restructure your business to fit with your changing needs.

Our services include:

  • Corporate restructuring
  • Estate freezes and succession planning
  • Incorporation of sole proprietorships on a tax deferred basis
  • Business acquisition or sale
  • Wills and estate tax planning

Back Tax Return Filing

If you’re behind on your taxes, procrastinating just makes the problem worse! One year becomes two, then three… Getting caught up can be an incredible relief. We’ll work with you to reconstruct your historical records and minimize the penalties and interest if you qualify for an amnesty program.

Our services include:

  • Filing multiple years of income tax returns
  • GST registration and back dated filings
  • Voluntary Disclosure Program to eliminate or minimize penalties
  • Foreign asset declaration (Foreign Income Verification)